• Painting Candidates Back into History

    Mason Gross student and Eagleton Fellow Valerie Suter creates portraits of more than 75 women who have run for president.

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    Valerie Suter Portraits of Margaret Chase Smith, Victoria Woodhull and Shirley Chisholm
  • Promoting Healthy Eating

    Tania Lopez and her Coqui the Chef puppet team with health researcher Christopher Ackerman to teach kids how to cook nutritious recipes.

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    Tania Lopez, Coqui the Chef, and Christopher Ackerman
  • Root Discovery

    Researchers identify how plants cultivate soil microbes to get nutrients. The insight could help boost crop growth and slash the use of polluting fertilizers and herbicides.

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    Roots in soil
  • Celebrating 50 Years of Helping Students Succeed

    Since 1968, New Jersey's Educational Opportunity Fund has helped more than 20,000 Rutgers students thrive.

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    Students walk from bus on campus

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